Rising Star Academy Shines

For us working with The Rising Star Academy has been the highlight of our December.
We were contacted by Candice, the principle of The Rising Star Academy after we were recommended by the Milton Academy of Dance MAD, early in December.
Her amazing group of dancers and singers had been rehearsing hard in preparation for their upcoming Christmas Show and all they needed was a photographer to capture the event.
Candice invited us to capture the rehearsals on the Thursday evening and the show itself on Sunday, hosted at the Ballard School Theatre, New Milton. We discussed with Candice exactly what she required of us and made our plans for the show. Rehearsals were first and we made friends with the group, sharing some of the images we had taken, this helped to put them at ease for the big night.
Sundays show time came around quickly and we were there early to make certain everything was going as planned. Before we knew it, Candice opened the show and the magic began. We can honestly say, (and we have seen many shows over the years) that this show was something special. The music was punchy, the dancing well choreographed and the singers, more than a little professional, with all the star qualities required to stand up in front of a packed house and nail it. It was cute, with tiny little dancers stealing the show, cheeky, funny and full of energy, exactly what was needed on a cold December evening.
The show closed to a well deserved standing ovation. With Candice handing out rewards to many of the shows performers for all their hard work, it was difficult to think of a better place to be working on a Sunday evening.  

To view Photographs of the Show click here.